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Okay, yeah, I get it. Everyone’s into murder these days. True crime podcasts and documentaries rule the airwaves. Your therapist geeks out with you over the latest GSK trial updates. The Zodiac Killer comes up in your job interview. Whatever, man. I was into murder before it was cool.


When I was ten years old, I ran out of books to read. Everything in the children’s section that held the tiniest amount of interest was old news. So, I did the only logical thing: I snuck out of the children’s section while my mom was distracted and headed for the nearest aisle to see if I could quickly find something that wouldn’t set off her “not for kids” radar.

As it happened, the nearest section was Mysteries, and a quick scan of the A-D aisle led me straight to Sherlock Holmes. And with that, an obsession was born.

I’m not the first little nerd to fall in love with murder mysteries via Conan Doyle, and I’m sure I won’t be the last. From that day on, I was obsessed with all things murder-related. I pored over books about Mary Stuart and Lord Darnley (she totally did it). I lied about my age to get into mystery novel message boards. (Yeah, kids, this was a looooooong time ago.) I powered through every single one of Agatha Christie’s books, and if you know how much that woman wrote you’ll be appropriately impressed. I started learning a lot — like, a lot — about poisons. True crime, fake crime, I absorbed it all.


It’s a couple decades later now, and I’m still just as obsessed. Honestly, it’s a great time to be a murder nerd. With the explosion of interest in crime stories of all kinds, I’ve got as much murder-themed content as my heart desires. Some of it amazing, some of it….not. Nobody has time to get through it all. There is too much.

But I never let a little thing like that stop me from trying


I’ve acquired a lot of stories and a lot of opinions over the years, and so I’ve decided to compile them all here. Reviews, investigations, and deep dives into some of the best murder content around. I hope you enjoy coming along with me as we dive into the wonderful world of crime stories.

All the best,

Murder Nerd

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